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In Victorian times, people used to entertain a fair number of relative strangers. They were at home to eachother and paid calls on eachother. Some aspects of the web are a bit like that; I probably have some connection with most of the people who are likely to "visit" my web site, but I probably don't know most of them all that well.

Leisured Victorians often used to keep a livre d'or where they would record cultural events, perhaps copy out scraps of poetry or prose that appealed to them, or jot down ideas of their own. Like a scrap-book, but more interactive; people who visited them were often asked to contribute something. There's a vestige of this in the visitors' book you often see in stately homes, museums and the like.

I'm trying to do something similar with my blog, which I have titled Livre d'Or. This site is home to static pages with supplementary material, as well as links to related info. Welcome!

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